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We cannot help it if a woman who cant get pregnant gets upset. Failure to have a baby may result to a relationship gone sour. A household without a child is lonely and here we will present top tips that will help you conceive if you are one of those who cant get pregnant.


If you cant get pregnant, you need to check the time of the month when your eggs are matured and ready to be fertilized. The way to check this is to get your basal body temperature or BBT. This is best measured right after you wake up and if you cant get pregnant, you need to measure this everyday and if you observe that your BBT is significantly lower than usual, it means that you are ovulating and ready for impregnation.


Women who are stressed cant get pregnant תנוחות לכניסה להריון of the changes in the reproductive system and may have hormonal imbalance. This means she cant get pregnant and it is important to reduce stress by reducing workload or avoiding stressful situations. A vacation with your husband during ovulation, away from all hassle, will improve your chances of getting pregnant.


You cant get pregnant if you are douching and if you are using lubricants. These things have chemical compositions that make the sperm weak and therefore die earlier or before reaching the egg. You need to stop using lubricants eve if they are water-based. Pregnancy is natural and any unnatural component in your vagina will kill the sperm.

It is also important to literally help the sperm reach the cervix if cant get pregnant. This means you need to position yourself in a way that the sperm will flow down your cervix or vagina. Do not stand up or sit after ejaculation, better yet, prop your hips on a pillow to help take the sperm down the cervix all the way down the uterus. You can also use rear end position during ejaculation to have gravity pull down the sperm down to the cervix.

Natural Methods

There are natural methods you can use to improve conception if you cant get pregnant. These are easily available in the Internet and although they are not free, you will spend significantly much lower amount compared to doctors. These methods use holistic approach, are completely safe, and deliver positive results.

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