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Land-based poker was never really well-known until the last decade with the World Series Of Poker stars that we all know love today like Johnny Chan, Phil Hellmuth, Lloyd Brunson and many others that originally created their frame through the WSOP on the medium of television. Then came the advent of the slot online terbaik dan terpercaya when they started to offer seats on the WSOP just by winning tournaments online or through a lottery system.

This gave regular everyday people like Chris Moneymaker a chance to play it against the big boys which he did and eventually won a bracelet. These are just some examples of real life poker legends and how they made their way to the top, but people have also forgotten that there is another kind of poker that has been played for many years and this is called video poker. Video poker also has its legends and the King of this is Bob Dancer.

Bob spent many years as a backgammon expert and was very well known in that field but wanted to try its hand at video poker which he started studying between the years of 1991 and 1994 which he used to understand the odds and build up his bankroll while doing this and this is one he started to develop techniques that would help them to play it with the best odds of winning. He then came to the conclusion that if played intellectually enough, video poker can be a positive outcome game. Bob spent the next seven years after 1994 making millions from this style of playing. It’s incredible that the casinos still allow him to come in and play. Bob dancer now spends his time teaching video poker classes at certain casinos in Las Vegas.

He also has authored many different guides and books on how to play the game such as million Dollar video poker. This book has become one of the best-selling books ever on how to play video poker. His lists of poker guides include such reports as deuces wild, 9/6 jacks or better and the famous report 10/7 double bonus. He also has perfected a technique where he sells laminated video poker strategy cards for anyone that wants to learn how to play the game. With these cards your expenses are almost nothing as you don’t have to play the actual poker slots to learn. This is one legend that has not only won millions but has also given back as fellow aspiring players by teaching them how to play the game.

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